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its official I'm fat.

I turned thirty yesterday and I am currently weiging in about 265 , does this mean i'm officially a fatty or should i gain more?
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 What did I eat today?

Well lets see.

For breakfast I had the following:
One glass of orange juice (prolly 10 or 12 oz)
two eggs, sunnyside up
two hash browns
five slices of bacon
a link of sausage
toast with butter and jam
one biscuit
three jelly donuts
and i think that's all

throughout the morning i also had two cups of coffee with cream and sugar, I don't usually like cream and sugar but it was definately a cream and sugar day.  I also had a couple more jelly donuts.

For lunch I had the following:
A large serving of crawfish etouffe
a large salad with ranch dressing
two cans of Dr. Pepper (burping was involved)
a glass of water
a banana
and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream

in the afternoon I had one of those king size reeces thingies and another cola, later i enjoyed a bowl of ben n jerry's then a small glass of milk.

For dinner number one, around 5, I had
Two baha chalupas
one soft taco
cinamon twists
large soda with no ice

i got a large milkshake from mcdonalds around eight

for dinner number two, about ten-ish, I had
a small salad
an apple
a small serving of leftover speghetti
white rice with cheese and broccoli
a guinness
glass of water
two fried oreos
and one eclair

i had a glass of wine around eleven

and right now I am having lemon creme cookies and milk before bed

feel free to do the math
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totally go there
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As  my thirtieth birthday draws near I've doubled my efforts to gain as much as I can. think I'll be an official fatty by then?
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 I averaged out my rate of gain to predict the future:

current -
Age 29: 225 lbs

predictions for next five years (based on if rate of gain stays consistant and I don't plateau or quit)

AGE 30: 302 (this to me would be obese not 225)
AGE 31: 379 (in reality I bet I'd plateau before this)
age 32: 456 (I doubt I'd keep gaining if i was getting this big... but who knows)
age 33: 533
age 34: 610
age 35: 687

predictions for next five years if i cut rate of gain in half:

Age 30: 263
AGE 31: 301
AGE 32: 339
AGE 33: 377
AGE 34: 415
AGE 35: 453  (this seems to be more realistic if you ask me)

predicitons for the next five years if i doubled my rate of gain lol (i doubt this is possible as I'm doing everything right not to max gain and i don't think i can do more)

AGE 30: 379
AGE 31: 533
AGE 32: 687
AGE 33: 841
AGE 34: 995

you guys totally feel free to do your own predicting.
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I went to the Doctor's the other day:

I have a BMI of about 30 to 31

I am appearantly "obese"

I am "frighteningly out of shape"  (but, that's the way I like it uh-huh uh-huh)

I weigh 227 pounds (or at least i did at the time of the exam)

I don't really think I would consider myself obese... Fat? Yes, but "obese"?

The Doc also said that it was alarming how much weight I had gianed this past year...  LOL

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 goodness Im sooooooooo fat, lol I'm like 225 or something and It's only september, think I'll be an official fatty by november?  hehe
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holy crap I weigh 221 pounds

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everywhere the fat
pilin' on my lovehandles
growin' on my ass
eat this
and eat that
gotta pile on the fat
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omg!  i could so pull it off!  I am already 217 and it's only July.  I could definately be an official fattie by november.    oooooo hehehehehehe i'm sooooooo excited i'm giddy
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