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So I've got some extra time because this is when I'd usually run but I'm definately sitting all over this plush chair that my butt will be too big for eventually and i'll have to get a new one.  So how much would I have to gain to be an "official fattie"? right now I'm sitting at somewhere between 180 and 190, well 183 right now but i am so starving.
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So here's an update. 
      I've officially adjusted to this lifestyle I think.  When I was 140 I was extremely active and a light eater.  I would stuff occasionally but then cut back on the eating for a couple weeks and work out like a maniac, but now... it's completely different.
     Of course I woke up and had waffles for breakfast when I used to have an apple or an orange then I went to work where I sat on my ass all day naturally as that's the job requirement, lol.  Anyway, I had a large alfedo lunch when I used to pack a small salad, then I came home and did some house work and just finished a late very heavy mexican dinner when I used to come home run have an early light dinner then do some house work.  I'm eating later at night so that it turns into flesh easier and granted I have been doing this for the addition of approximately fourty  pounds now that I am around 180.
     Anywho, I don't really know how these weight gain journals work or anything but I was just thinking that I've adjusted pretty well to this new lifestyle of overeating and being lazy and growing softer and fatter.
    Just wondering, I've got about eight/ eight and a half months before I turn thirty and if I'm going to officially be a "FATTIE" how much am I going to have to gain, and furthermore - if it is a large amount that I'm going to have to gain what is the best and most effective way to do so?
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My name is Madeline, or Maddie... or whatever right, and here it is. I am 29, and a lesbian with a severe weight gain/stuffing/food fetish, and I have been skinny my entire life, but have recently decided that it is time for me to grow fatter and fatter. I currently weigh around the 180 range (I used to be 140 not too long ago), and my goal is to become an official FATTIE by my thirtieth birthday.
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